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6 Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

The working relationship between companies and their employees are like the relationships between people: they are two-way. What does this mean? It’s simple. The company chooses its employees, but the employees also choose the company where they want to spend 8 hours of their day. Some factors that influence a person’s decision-making when they start at a new company are the working environment, the working conditions, the opportunities, the worker experience…

If you want to improve the Employee Experience, we’ll tell you below what steps you should follow.

Tips to improve the Employee Experience

  • Create a specialized team to improve the worker experience

Not all people are the same, each individual has their own personal motivations and concerns. Taking into account the diversity of the employees, having a team dedicated exclusively to improving the worker experience and the initiatives or ideas proposed by each employee will help the company obtain information on how to improve the working environment. Thanks to this team, an estimate of staff satisfaction is obtained, and the employees’ concerns and motivations are uncovered. With this information in hand, you can create an action plan to improve the quality of the working environment within the company.

  • Adapt the work space

The working environment is one of the fundamental pieces of the overall  employee experience. A good workspace boosts productivity and the mood of the employees. For this reason, it is advisable to dedicate the resources and time necessary to create an environment that is adapted to the needs of the employees. But make no mistake! It’s not about looking for a large space located in the best area of ​​the city, which can involve a major outlay of funds,- it’s about optimizing the space that’s already there, reducing annoying noises, avoiding the continuous movement of people near the work areas, improving the lighting or changing the decoration. For example, colors are great allies. The color blue creates a calm environment, yellow facilitates an optimistic and happy atmosphere, and even white one can  bring more serenity and tranquility.

  • Offer opportunities

With the passage of time, workers become more demanding of the company. For this reason, companies must be able to offer their employees opportunities for growth. This last aspect is focused on two pillars,-  increasing responsibility and contributing to society. These will take the worker outside of their routine and they will feel that the company trusts them and wants them to develop and improve.

  • Transparency

Transparency is one of the ways par excellence to improve the Employee Experience. It’s a smart way to make the worker feel integrated into the company. The concept is straight forward: information about the organization should be shared with the employees. In this way, they will understand the reason for changes at the company and why it is necessary to make those changes. In addition, it improves the relationship and communication between workers and senior management.

  • Empathy

If the employee understands and identifies with the values ​​of the company, it is unlikely that they will feel uncomfortable working with the brand. They will feel that the organization represents them and that working for the company is like working for themselves.

  • Ideas matter

If employees contribute ideas or ways to improve their work, it is important to listen to them and try to evaluate their ideas. The first step to having a satisfied employee is for them to be heard and feel that their opinion is taken into account.

Is employee experience really important?

The answer is simple, YES! The Employee Experience is a very important technique that many companies are implementing in order to improve the work experience of their employees. The foundation of an organization is its employees and, if they are happy, production and quality will both increase. But it’s not only this, because the employees will also bring many other benefits to the company. For example, they will recommend the company’s products to their relatives and acquaintances, even share these on social media, and their satisfaction will attract potential new customers.

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