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How do your employees talk about you on social media?

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Your employees are your image, and they represent you even if they’re not at work … or if they’re on social media. Are you ready for what they may say? And to take advantage of it?

The dangers of social media

Surely you’ve heard of more than one case in which someone was fired for a comment they made on social media. It can be a tweet that reveals company secrets, a photograph that shows inappropriate use of materials or simply a generally bad image. Even if these are shared privately, they can still  come to light.

The most famous case is that of the former communication director of the communications holding company InterActive Corp, who before traveling to Africa posted a tweet joking that she could not catch AIDS there because she was white. Before the plane landed, she had already been fired.

Of course, the use of social networks and the possible deterioration of the company image changes according to the sector, but it is something that is part of today’s panorama. Human Resource departments need to be prepared.

For example, with a simple style guide, you can prevent possible reputational crises that could cost the company a lot of money and work. As the name says, it would serve as a guide, and never to oblige or restrict.

The benefits of social media

So far we have looked at the negative part, but the truth is that your employees’ and collaborators’ social media networks can revolutionize communication at your company and engagement with your employees.
For example, 78% of sales people using social media as a sales technique surpassed their colleagues in sales, according to Forbes.

Outside of sales, the content that employees share receives 8 times more engagement than the content shared by the brand.

SocialReacher helps you turn your employees into brand ambassadors and share your content through their social media networks.

You can ask the team from the Madrid office to publish the new post from the company on their LinkedIn, in their own words, or have everyone re-tweet a job opening on Twitter.

The communities of your employees and collaborators are formed by users who trust them and trust what they say, which means that everything they share has a special authenticity.

To motivate them to participate in this employee advocacy program, you can easily establish incentives that can be redeemed for points. These points are earned when they share the publications that you send them or that they propose.

So, what are you waiting for? One brand recently increased its network visibility fourfold by incorporating SocialReacher and employee advocacy into its strategy.

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