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How to Boost Your Company’s Presence on Social Media from Within

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Having a presence on Social Media requires a lot of hard work and resources in order to share your message and vision successfully. Like many other companies, you may pay outside agencies, or run ads and have subscriptions to digital services.

With so many possibilities, it’s easy to forget to look within, to the internal culture of the company. Looking within can motivate your employees to share and amplify your content on their own social networks.

Increase your presence in Social Media using your own employees

The promotion of the company by its employees and collaborators is known as Employee Advocacy. It can give new life to your presence on Social Media if you’re stuck with the same audiences and the same reach. Who better than an employee, proud of his/her work, to talk about their company and its services? Everything starts by involving employees in the corporate culture.

Based on your Social Media strategy, you can begin by including the employees in the posts on your corporate channels. Not only with their photographs, but by highlighting their work and even mentioning their personal accounts, for example.

Within the company, the employees will feel part of the company and the corporate culture will begin to include social media as part of its daily routine. In addition, from the outside, others will see that you value your employees and that there is talent inside your company, which can attract more talent.

Having your employees communicate and amplify your messages will let you reach new audiences in a more credible and authentic way. Not only will your reach improve, but also the engagement rate. Your employees’ followers are people who know and trust them. More specifically, 33% of consumers trust brands, while 90% follow the recommendations of people they know.


SocialReacher is a platform that lets your collaborators share your messages on their own social media networks. After using SocialReacher for a year, one company was able to increase its presence on social media by 4 times. As a company, you will have an account which links the employees’ social media accounts, and an administrator (or several) in charge of choosing and notifying the rest of your colleagues of the content to be shared.

The publications that you create for their networks will appear on a dashboard, and you can choose the ones you want to share, who you want to share it, and on which networks. For example, you can ask your sales team to do Retweets or share a link using their own words.

Employees are notified that they have new content by e-mail, by Google Chrome or by the App. Once they share the message, they will receive points that they can “spend” on incentives selected by administrators, such as movie tickets. At the same time, the administrators can see the statistics for each post, such as the audience reach and the engagement rate.

So, what are you waiting for to boost your social media presence through your own employees? Send us a message and we’ll tell you how we can help you.  

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