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How to incorporate incentives into your employee advocacy strategy

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For an employee advocacy strategy to be successful, it must involve your employees and collaborators from the very beginning of the program.  This way, they will feel included and will want to voluntarily participate in the program. Additionally, in our experience, incentives are the key to getting your employees to become brand ambassadors.

Today, we’re going to explain how to create incentives in SocialReacher, our employee advocacy platform.

Creating the incentives


The administrators can add incentives in their corresponding section at the top right. When creating the incentive, you can put the name of the incentive, a description, a photo and choose the group of collaborators to which it is directed. For example, you can offer attendance at a Human Resource Conference to the HR department in that city.

Defining the incentives

First of all, you have to establish how many incentives you will have and how many points or messages will be needed to claim them.   This might be a good time to reset your organization’s points, so that everyone starts from zero, on an equal footing.

There are three ways to participate in the drawing:

  • Direct prize – This is the simplest. If it’s established that an incentive can be exchanged for 15 points, then as soon as the employee obtains the points, he can claim it.
  • Contest – Employees will exchange their points so they can be part of the drawing, which will be done automatically.
  • MeritoriousBy establishing a deadline, the winner of the incentive will be the one who has achieved the most points up to that time.

Once the incentive has been published, your collaborators will automatically receive an email notifying them of the incentive.  Then it’s time to continue sending content to your brand ambassadors for them to disseminate on their personal social media networks.

The time for delivery

The administrator of the account will have to give final approval before delivery of the incentive.  By clicking on “Deliver”, an email will be sent to the winner. The administrator will be responsible for delivering the incentive, either physically or virtually.  

Some companies reset the points to zero once the incentive has been delivered, especially if the incentive is meritorious.   In this way, new additions to the company can join the employee advocacy program and compete along with their peers.

Examples of incentives

Each company is different, so their incentives are also dramatically different. The employee advocacy program is a good opportunity to provide workers with experiences that move away from wages and reflect your corporate culture.

Some companies use the incentives to boost their CSR (corporate social responsibility) by donating to non-profits on behalf of the employees, or helping the environment through different projects, sponsoring research, or supporting minority sports

Other incentives are for employee professional development.   They offer courses, inspirational talks, participation at events,-  and even the employees themselves can propose incentives!

There are also more direct incentives, such as tickets to special events, t- shirts, or leaving early on a Friday.

Do you have any questions?  If so, please send us a message so we can help you.

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