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What social media networks should your company be on?

Being present on social media is vital for most companies.  It creates visibility, improves reputation, generates traffic and leads, and lets the company interact and have a more direct relationship with their customers. But you already know this.  So, let’s focus on which social media networks you should be on, depending on your company and your target audience. Where can you bring valued content to your users?


This is the basic social network for any company, although if your business is B2B, then this is your home.

Whatever sector you are in, your company should have an account which includes your employees and which publishes content about you.

Keep it updated with interesting news, job offers or even CSR content and you’ll improve your image while attracting talent.


Twitter is a platform with a lot of potential for communication, with its hashtags, trending topics, conversations and professional audience.

Although its content is somewhat less professional than on LinkedIn, many companies have similar audiences and strategies on both networks.

This network is more B2C, and its unique feature is the timeline and immediacy of its publications. If you participate in a lot of events, you shouldn’t hesitate to create a Twitter account to increase your visibility and networking.


Facebook is the social network with the most active users, a potential audience that brands don’t want to miss out on.

The problem is that the platform’s algorithm favors posts from people. Brands see the reach of their posts limited to 5% of their followers, unless they pay to promote the post or they incorporate a strategy of employee advocacy that involves their employees.

If your products or services are aimed at a public over 30 years old, you should already be creating your company (or group) account.


If your audience is younger, then bet on Instagram (although you can also have presence on both). Instagram has been the reigning queen of 2017, and its Stories have maintained the reign in 2018.

Here, we go back and reduce the seriousness of the content for an audience that explores Instagram to entertain itself, not to watch news. Depending on your type of company, you can make this work in your favor, especially with light-hearted stories.

It is the most visual social network and your posts should adapt to that, forgetting about text and focusing on what is shown in the images.


This social network is a necessity if you have corporate or tutorial video presentations.  Although you upload them natively to other social networks, it is important to have them hosted on your own channel on YouTube, even though you don’t often nourish it with content.

Involve your employees

Your employees and collaborators are the best brand ambassadors you can have. Who better than your employees and collaborators to share the company’s content, showing their pride and passion for their work?

To help you get them involved in your social media strategy in a simple way, SocialReacher is your employee advocacy tool.  Using SocialReacher, one company multiplied its visibility and engagement on social media fourfold.

In addition, according to the “Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey”, 33% of users trust what the brand says, while 90% trust what they say their  friends and acquaintances say.

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