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What Is Employee Advocacy?

que es employee advocacy

What better way to transmit your messages than through your employees?

The most important asset of a company are its own employees. And what is better than using that asset to generate positive exposure and create awareness for the brand itself through social media.

The most important asset of a company are its employees. Make them feel part of the company.

Employee Advocacy is a trend, whose purpose is to make the employees of the company become the spokespersons or advocates for the brand, in order to promote it actively on their own social media networks.

Through their social networks, employees and collaborators of the company participate by sharing information about the company’s products or services. This helps improve and increase the recognition of the brand, improve sales, and increase the audience reach and results of the brand.

Generating this degree of participation by the brand ambassadors is positive for the company itself and helps to build employee ownership in the brand’s own channels. If your employees recommend a product or service from the company to a friend or family member, it’s because they sincerely like the brand and feel like it’s their own.

Expand your audience reach on social media with the support of your employees.

In order to convert your employees into brand ambassadors and launch an Employee Advocacy strategy, you need be clear about these 3 factors:

  • A transparent culture, based on trust and freedom: 

If the objective is for employees to be ambassadors of the brand and speak for the company, then you have to create an environment of trust and freedom to motivate them to share on social media. Implementing an Employee Advocacy strategy will work only if there is a transparent culture, since that trust they have for the brand will motivate them to share messages, without having to pretent. In this way, the trust of the audience is not affected.

  • Specific objectives and KPIs:

If it is about giving voice to your employees, then all Online Marketing actions must be aligned, with specific objectives and KPIs. Think in detail about everything you want them to share, and align this with the goals and objectives that you want to achieve for the company.

  • Clear guidelines and rules of use:

All the strategies, to be effective, have to follow certain guidelines. In the case of social media this is even more true, since it directly affects the reputation of the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to tell the brand ambassadors what they can or cannot do.

It is important that employees feel as comfortable as possible, so it is recommended that these rules be established among the employees themselves. If you support your employees and make them feel safe, they will speak well of the brand.

This Online Marketing strategy will be most effective if you use the right tools, offer incentives, determine KPIs to measure campaign results, and share these. There are multiple platforms to convert employees into brand ambassadors, such as SocialReacher.

Using the SocialReacher tool, employees and collaborators of a company can share content about their company on their own social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even blogs.

Nothing is more credible than someone who knows the company from the inside and voluntarily wants to share their pride of belonging and their passion for their company. The social capital that companies have today is very large and with SocialReacher we want to help employees feel involved in building the brand,” said Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO of Internet República.

Let your employees share content on social media and keep them informed about the latest news on your company.

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